Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What kind of services does translation agencies offer?

You may find many companies in Dubai offering legal translation services. These services are aimed at helping to promote multilingual comprehension and understanding of cultures. This becomes a very important while working with people from across the globe. When an international business house decides to set up an offshore company in Dubai, it has to follow rules and fulfill a series of procedures to complete the process of business incorporation. The company may hire a business consultant specialized in these tasks. The legal documents have to be translated into Arabic or the native language of the business investor and vice versa.
The services offered by these translation agencies include the translation of various documents. These documents could be general documents, technical documents, sector specific documents or legal documents. Most of the translation agencies offer services in many languages such as Japanese, Russian and Arabic.

Besides providing translation services for documents, they also provide translators for verbal communication between parties engaging in business. Businesses may have meetings either in person or via teleconferencing methods. These meetings may also need translation services which are provided by interpreters. Interpreters may be engaged through the translation agency directly or through your business consultant. The representatives of companies engaging in business can easily communicate with the help of a language interpreter.

The translation agency also offers Transcription services which include creation of written documents based on audio files. These services may be performed based on video files as well. Many companies may utilize these transcription services for interpreting interviews, meetings & conferences .The source could be from a recording by a legal or a business consultant firm or the investor’s representative.

To boost the success of communication thereby ensuring a better understanding between people of different countries and cultural backgrounds, one must understand the other. This can be accomplished by taking part in intercultural awareness training. This training can help businesses develop better relationship with each other. The awareness about each other's culture and tradition will certainly aid in all facets of communication because it will lessen the possibility of unknowingly insulting others.

Some translation agencies also offer assistance on website content translation as well as desktop publishing. Website translation helps communicate with potential customers and clients at various locations worldwide. Developing the content of a website which can be read in a person's native language will help to increase the customer base and website popularity. Using desktop publishing, flyers, brochures, and banners, may also be translated.

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